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Airtite Systems sells the only adhesive backed outlet sealers on the market today!! Don't be fooled...sealers without adhesive can blow away from the wall and leak air! Many outlets are on walls that are uneven, only a sealer with an adhesive back seals this GAP! The Home Sealing and Insulation Kit contain enough outlet sealers to seal the entire house. Only by sealing ALL outlets can you maximize your savings on heating and cooling costs! Two thirds of your outlet drafts are from outside walls but did you know one third of drafts are on inside walls? If an electrical outlet has a wall plate...Stick 'N' Seal it!! Airtite Systems also sells the only under sink waste and water line sealers on the market. The large hole cut in your cabinet or wall for your waste line and 2 water lines is a source of draft. Stick 'N' Seals eliminate this DRAFT! All the sealers are flame retardant and super easy to install.

If you place your hand near a plug or switch and feel a slight breeze, this product is a must have. Outlet sealers are recommended by utility companies to reduce your energy bill and save you money!

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